True Love

Well, as you all know, tomorrow is valentines day. I decided today after the wife left for work I would go pick up some gifts… mind you this was around 6am. She called on her lunch break to say we would go shopping tomorrow (for gifts) and celebrate on Monday since we both have off – little does she know I have several nice gifts all bought and wrapped. They are hidden around the house, but maybe I should use the term loosely, because some of them are in plain sight.

We will see if she notices them, but my guess is tomorrow morning I will be able to give them all to her just by pointing them out around the house – and she probably won’t believe that they were there all day, so thats the main reason of this blog – to prove that the gifts were bought early this morning (the 13th) and placed throughout the house.

Hopefully the look on her face will be worth the early morning trip to the store :)