My name is Oliver Fair, and I have been working in the IT field providing top notch service for well over a decade. My experience involves work as a freelance Computer Technician & Consultant, Healthcare PC Technician and Wireless Support Technician but I have really grown a passion for my current field of Software + Hardware Quality Assurance.

I can contribute my success to always striving for the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. I enjoy dealing with different clients because it always brings something new to the table. I always take care and cater to all of my clients needs, big or small.

I am an experienced leader who successfully increased Quality on Enterprise Level Web Apps and Native Mobile Apps. I have recently parted ways with my former employer - a top commercial and residential solutions provider as a Software Quality Assurance Manager - to focus on what truly matters to me: Solid Leadership, Honesty, Integrity and continuing my passion for helping others solve their Software Quality problems. If you are in the market for Software Quality Expertise, consider partnering with me to bring your platform to a new level.

My Resume: Available upon request.