Admission of test.

Fine, so I admit that the last post was a ‘public test’ to see if my Twitter integration is still working after all this time :) I bricked my phone today trying to update to KitKat and am desperate to bypass my two-step authentication to get on my social networks.

It was a failed attempt, as I believe the plugin on my site is partially broken, not to mention I probably revoked access on my Twitter account – oh well. At least now I have some new content :)

20. December 2013 by Oliver Fair
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changes are coming…

There will be changes coming to the site – yes – the long neglected site. I am not sure what yet, but I have decided I need to shake things up a bit. This is very much overdue, and I can’t wait to see what my crazy mind comes up with.

20. December 2013 by Oliver Fair
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Just can’t get enough

The past few months have kept me busy with work and all that goes along with it. I have plenty of home projects that need to be completed and an anniversary that needs some celebrating.

We were in the middle of planning our anniversary getaway when we decided to switch gears and instead take one lengthy vacation in the fall. I am looking forward to relaxing with no worries, and can’t wait until then.

Only a few more months of hard work until the big payoff!

10. May 2010 by Oliver Fair
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Spring is in the air!

Well, the time has come, and my job has lived up to its long expectations of having to do some traveling. I have already been to Connecticut and Massachusetts and will be leaving soon for a visit to Alabama.

Visiting the New England region was great, and it is definitely a little different. People seem to drive ‘nicer’ or maybe I should say more co-dependent on one another. I just know if I tried to pull some of the same tricks back home, I would end up in a nasty accident and it would be my fault. Salem Massachusetts would have been more of a treat if it didn’t rain the entire time I was there, but none the less it made things more interesting.

It’s funny because I can remember growing up without cable tv, and being excited for trips just because of the hotel visit. My last trip was fun and went well, but I definitely learned there is nothing like being in your own bed. I am just lucky to have such a great wife by my side, and I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without her.

10. April 2010 by Oliver Fair
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DEADLINE post-it stop motion

I came across this video using Google Readers new ‘Play’ function. It actually does a nice job of aggregating content from around the web. It seems that sometimes items appeared several times while I was browsing the stream, but this video did not.


27. March 2010 by Oliver Fair
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skype – finally something good

Verizon released Skype mobile today… Needless to say I gave it a test run and was pretty impressed.

The interface is crisp and speedy on my Blackberry Tour, and it seems to integrate rather well into OS 4.7 (patiently awaiting the official 5.0 from big red).

Best feature: skype to skype calls are still completely free (they don’t use your precious minutes), and skype calls don’t incur data charges!

~ This is a Blackberry Mobile post ~

25. March 2010 by Oliver Fair
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Google Reader

Do you have 25+ website you check on a semi-regular basis, and wish there was an easier way to keep up with whats new, so you don’t have to visit the sites only to be disappointed by finding that there hasn’t been anything updated recently?

If you haven’t heard of Google Reader, then maybe its time you sign into your Gmail and start using reader to follow your favorite websites. Google Reader is a fast and simple RSS & Atom feed reader, and it does a good job of informing you when your favorite sites are updated!

There is no software to download and install; all you do is create or sign into your google account, and start using reader… its that easy. I have been using it regularly since late last year, and I must say… it is a great tool and has helped me to become more efficient online. I can go to Google Reader, and pretty much be done ‘browsing’ the web.

Also I found it to be a nice work around for posting Youtube videos to my lifestream on this site… I have my Youtube account set to allow sharing activity with reader, and I have my lifestream set to check my Google Reader RSS feed. This allows my lifestream to show youtube videos I have rated and watched.

If you are interested in giving it a try, you can do so here.

10. March 2010 by Oliver Fair
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Stargate Studios

Yeah, everyone has heard of a green screen… I have seen some in person even, but nothing quite like Stargate Studios Virtual Backlot…

26. February 2010 by Oliver Fair
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Just keep laughing

I went to MDs for lunch today and was laughing when a sheet of snow flew off the roof onto an employee. I learned my lesson because when I was paying at the drive thru one of those sheets decided to makes it way in through the window!

The MDs worker gave me a funny look and simply said “the sky is falling”.

At least the food was good, and for $5 its not bad considering they threw in the complimentary interior detailing.

~ This is a WordPress for Blackberry post ~

17. February 2010 by Oliver Fair
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New Mobile Version is now Mobile! I have tweaked a new Mobile version theme for my site. If you browse to the site on your phone you should now be greeted with a more friendly UI. There are also links in the footer of both site versions to switch over to the other view. If you encounter any issues feel free to let me know, otherwise enjoy.

In addition to the mobile version, Lightbox functionality has been added to images displayed in blog posts.

15. February 2010 by Oliver Fair
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