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What makes me tick

15 Year IT Veteran
Specializing in Quality
Driven by Clients Around the World

I enjoy helping my clients succeed with frustration free technology solutions. When I am not busy dreaming up ways of becoming a frustrated end user, I spend my free time outside with nature. If I remember to bring my camera along for the ride, that is a plus.

The Site

The site used to be powered by my favorite CMS, Wordpress. Due to my desire to fortify that aspect of management and making a static site as the core web experience, I decided that was too much overhead and maintenance for what I wanted this to be... simple. With that thought, I hit the interwebs in search for something that was my style. With a little luck, I came across what you are visiting now, a straight forward and simple basic html/css design that will allow me to manage my content simply, without the need for a full blown CMS. Thanks Nicola Tolin for creating this beautiful and simple template.